Coatesville Residents & Ratepayers Association

Coatesville Residents & Ratepayers Association

The Coatesville Residents and Ratepayers Association is here to make sure that your voice is heard as an important member of the Coatesville Community. All residents and ratepayers in Coatesville are automatically members of the association.

The committee generally meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Coatesville Settlers Hall at 5:30 PM. Members of the community are encouraged to attend meetings.

The reason the group was formed (in 1992) was to provide an avenue for gathering the views of the residents of Coatesville and communicating these to the then Rodney District Council now the Rodney Local Board of Auckland Council.

Some of the successes of the Association over the years include:

  • Fitness Stations installed in the reserve
  • Extending the parking outside the hall including curbing and channelling
  • Extending the parking outside the dairy/café including curbing and channelling
  • Extending the reserve through the purchase of the neighbouring farm in conjunction with the Pony Club
  • Developing the original Boffa Miskell plan for the village. The roadside tree planting and the shell pathways are the most obvious outcome from this work
  • Avenue of trees planted in the reserve
  • Gradual sealing of all the roads in the area
  • Construction of a continuous 1km walking path around the reserve
  • Development of a Structure Plan for Coatesville
  • A variety of on-going community events and functions

Meet the Team

These are the people dedicated to making Coatesville a great place to live.